Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dog Leashes

A dog leash is the more conventional type of tying and/or walking your dog. It is comprised of a neck collar and a leash. On the other hand, a dog harness is comprised of leash and a contraption that goes over your dog’s shoulders and abdomen.
Most doggie companions go with the regular dog collar. Without really considering if it is the best fit for their pooch’s personality, size, and training regimen. Below are a few things you should consider.
Pooch Pullers
If your pooch is small in size and thin around the neck, it would be better to use a harness. This is to prevent neck injuries. If your dog is big in size and extremely muscular, you might consider a dog leash. This way, they have less power to pull you. This is especially true if you are slight in built.
If you think your dog is choking on the collar due to excessive pulling, plus you have more muscle on you, you could go for a harness. This is because the strongest dog breeds may pull until they injure their necks. This is especially true for Pit bulls.
dog leash 3
Doggie Coat
A dog harness has a tendency to pull on your pooch’s coat. If you have a longhaired breed, a harness may tangle and pull out clumps of hair. In which case, avoid harnesses, unless your doggie has a neck injury. If your dog has a thin coat then a harness is easier to put on and remove. It may also be more comfortable for your dog because it allows them to stretch their necks.
Neck Injury
If your dog has already experienced a neck injury, then it is better to use a harness, at least until the veterinarian says it safe to use the leash. Put the harness on properly so it does not ride on the neck of your pooch.
Your Pooch’s Preference
Some say it is a good idea to have both. Alternate between leash and harness. This way you do not put too much strain on any one part of your dog’s anatomy. This also allows you to see which one your dog prefers. Most dogs will prefer the collar. They’ll roll over, scratch, or try to reach the harness.
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